Baby On Board

I have my Baby on Board badge, and am now wearing it with pride! I haven’t had to ask anyone for a seat yet, but I do see people look at my badge, then glance at my belly. I’m sure there will come a point where I need to ask for one… although my commute to work on Thameslink isn’t actually too bad really; there’s generally a seat around. It might not matter from January anyway (blog post to follow on that!!)

The other 2 badges I’m wearing are for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust – both causes I’m passionate about!

Mrs B x



A morning kick?

I think I felt Baby B kick/punch/headbutt me this morning. I was lying in my side, with my hand on the right side of my stomach. Not sure, though; maybe it was wind? The midwife said that I should be able to start feeling kicks any time from 16 weeks, so maybe it was? I’m sure it will be unmistakable soon! X

Week 17 – bump pic

Week 17
Week 17
Saturday 25th October and time for my second bump picture! I’m going to try and be in the same clothes for all of these pics (although I realise now that I won’t be able to be in the same position because I’m quite close to the camera!)

Feeling good today. This week I have been feeling pretty “pregnant” too, as opposed to just fat! Which is a very welcome feeling. And now that my back feels so much better than it did 2 weeks ago (when I could hardly walk/stand) I feel in much brighter spirits!

According to my app, Baby B is now the size of an onion. So that’s pretty awesome. The app is brilliant (I use The Bump and Babycentre, both free from the app store) and seems to know the questions I want to ask before I do!


Week 16 – midwife appointment

I had the first of many routine midwife appointments today at my GP surgery.  Lots of questions about how I’m feeling. I told her that I’ve been having problems with my back for the last couple of weeks (I was actually signed off work for 10 days with it, as I could hardly move; and when I did, it was so very painful).  Maybe I’ll do another post on the back pain I’ve experienced.  The midwife was a bit shocked when I said I was taking co codamol to manage the pain, but when I told her the dosage (15/500) she was a bit more relieved.  So this confused me a bit because I have had 2 doctors telling me that it’s perfectly fine to take co codamol when pregnant.  So I’ve reduced the amount that I’ve been taking, just in case.

So midwife then asks me to pop on the bed so she can have a listen out for babies heartbeat.  Baby B is certainly a wriggler!  He/She kept moving around, avoiding the little machine for the hearbeat.  Midwife commented that Baby B was moving around like Sonic the Hedgehog!  She also says that Baby B will be a kicker.  Joy!!  Feeling a little sad that Mr B didn’t hear the heartbeat for the first time with me.  It’s odd thinking that there is something with a little heartbeat growing inside me!!

When I got home – very happy that everything appeared to be fine – I laid down on the sofa with my hands on my belly.  I’m sure at that point I started to feel larger flutters than I had done before.  It’s not quite a kick yet, but it’s a more of a gentle movement.  It’s lovely.  I’m looking forward to the day when Mr B can feel it too.


I’m pregnant!

I’ve decided to restart my blog as I have discovered that I’m pregnant! I am 15 weeks today, so officially in the 2nd trimester. What better time to start this blog up??

Mr B and I are thrilled, but pretty scared at the moment! We had our first scan a couple of weeks ago, and everything appeared to be normal, which of course was a massive relief. Seeing little Baby B on the screen, wriggling around… seeing little feet and the heartbeat. Amazing experience, and was a huge weight off our shoulders to see Baby B moving about.

I’m going to try and post a bump picture every week (on a Saturday!) with a long post, and little updates throughout the week. Just to try and keep a bit of a record of this terrifying journey!! Haha.